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Our Investment Management

Here at Koa Wealth Management® – we feel that our clients’ investment portfolios should reflect their long-term outlook on building wealth.  Our Investment Management is focused on owning a collection of leading businesses and assets with large addressable market opportunities. We build portfolio’s using a CORE + Satellite approach.

The CORE portfolio is designed with a purpose of owning assets that derive from the following four disciplines

Top Management/Asset Allocators

Top Management/Asset Allocators can be categorized in a couple of ways, firstly, Individual Companies that are led by great capital allocators. Management Teams that consistently do an excellent job of M&A, purchasing their own stock, paying down debt, etc. Great Capital Allocators can also be found via Portfolio Managers of Mutual Funds with Flexible Mandates. We believe Mutual Funds can still be an effective investment medium, if we hire great capital allocators that have a wide investment mandate to go where the opportunities lie throughout a full economic cycle.

Consumer Spending/Consumption

Consumer Spending/Consumption is an important component of global growth. For example, how important is the consumer to the U.S. economy? In the U.S. alone, personal consumption accounts for roughly 70% of the nearly 20 trillion in GDP we generate annually (as of November 2017).* That’s roughly $14 trillion a year, making consumer spending the most important, most predictable phenomenon in the country. Recognizing this fact, our clients own a diversified collection of the leading brands serving a consumer-driven economy.

Real Assets

Real Assets Constitute our belief that clients should have an allocation to physical assets that can at the very least keep up with long term inflation and generate income streams that can also keep up with inflation. In addition to investing in publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) our firm will also embark in 2019 on building a platform in partnership with outside vendors who purchase and manage physical real estate assets owned through partnership structures. We believe a diversified and transparent approach with a focus on high quality assets and cash flow fit the needs of our clients


Disruptors, can be defined as companies in any field that are changing the way business gets done. With advances in technology, we want to own businesses that have created leading positions in new or old markets who are disrupting their competitors and forcing them to adapt or die. We are looking for the proverbial “Snow ball with a long hill to roll down”. We want businesses that have clear competitive advantages and move aggressively to “own” their respective market.

Know what you own. Know why you own it. Understand where you are in the business cycle.

Our satellite investments are driven by significant market insights and research into the asset classes, sectors, and industries that should thrive at different points in the market cycle. When economies are strong and trending, our satellite investments are designed to play offense, conversely when economies are slowing, these allocations will tend to have a more defensive, conservative income bias. Effectively, these are companies/positions that we can “rent” to generate returns for clients at certain points in the economic cycle but do not pass our secular growth story that would allow them to be a Core Portfolio holding.  We are not believers in the current conventional wisdom that says one portfolio approach should be utilized in every environment. Commonsense guides our approach.

Bottom line:

Our client portfolios are driven by common sense and long-term thinking.  We are not interested in pursuing asset allocations or style boxes that are considered gospel by Wall Street. The business cycle is important and its overall health will dictate how much risk exposure is warranted at any given time. Understanding where we are in the business cycle will determine what investments are utilized and what blend of stocks, bonds, alternatives, and cash is appropriate.  Our approach is unique — a key differentiator for Koa Wealth Management.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you further about our proprietary approach to investment management.


*Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

GDP: https://tradingeconomics.com/country-list/gdp?continent=america

Personal consumption stats: https://www.bea.gov/sites/default/files/methodologies/nipa-handbook-all-chapters.pdf#page=90